As the name implies, this collection is our beginning. Our beginning to help you express yourselves through the art of fashion. 

When you think about fashion, what comes to mind? Valentino? Louis Vuitton? Gucci? Chanel? But why do you instantly think about these famous brands? Is it because you admire and connect to their designs? Most often the answer is no, rather it’s simply because they’re popular. Fashion has lost its meaning, with most only purchasing because of the clothing’s label. But here in Amadeo, we are striving to change that. We are striving to revolutionise the broken fashion industry. 

We believe that the clothes we wear are more than just a labelled brand. The clothes we wear are a beautiful form of self-expression. Fashion is what we use to help ourselves and others understand who we are in a creative and abstract manner. That’s why in this collection we aim to help you do just that- we aim to help you find true meaning within the clothes- we aim for you to look closer. 
We are materialising art into fashion. It is no easy job. It is a lengthy process in terms of pre production (creative process), production (manual process) and distribution (packaging and posting). Thus we are creating only 400 pieces per design for every collection. This will ensure that no product is rushed or neglected and is perfectly constructed. The scarcity also provides an added value of course. 

Why are we incorporating art into our collections? Like all art, we are encouraging you to find what the meaning is to you. This collection challenges you to look closer and interpret every detail. Be inspired by the colours, language and stitching, think about how the designs relate to you, let this exploration evoke emotions. Find motivation, inspiration or even your story within the design. After understanding how it connects to you, share that story with others by wearing it. Spark a meaningful conversation and tell them your interpretation. You’ll find that no two people have the same mindset. This is your invitation to unite and understand those around you and yourselves. 

Genesis is more than just our beginning, it is yours. 

Think beyond. Look closer.